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Embed a Google Calendar in a WordPress Post

Someone recently asked me whether a Google calendar could be embedded in a WordPress post or page, so I thought I would re-test it with the new Gutenberg blocks.

The good news is that it can be done! (YAY!) But I wish it could be quickly done using the Embed block, since that seems to be the most intuitive approach.

In all, I made 3 attempts:

  1. The ‘HTML’ block, containing the embed code from the Google Calendar settings (the only success of the three).
  2. The ‘Embed’ block, containing the ‘Public URL to this calendar’ from the calendar settings.
  3. The ‘Embed’ block, containing the ‘Public address in iCal format’, which has the note “Use this address to access this calendar from other applications”, so sounded like the right one to use. It was not.

Using the embed code in the ‘HTML’ block

Here is a sample of the end result, when using the embed code.

Pull a list of blog posts into a Google Sheet

This is a continuation of my ‘start of term’ setup process…

My students contribute weekly blog posts in-class. Aside from a qualitative review of their contributions, I need to quickly grab a list of who actually made a submission during class time (as a part of their participation grade).

There is a function in Google sheets that makes it pretty easy to pull a list of blog posts into a Google sheet.

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Google Script to create lots of folders

I use Google apps for SO MANY different things when running my course. I collect info, I plan my weekly lectures, assignments and activities.

At this time of year, when I’m preparing for the start of a new term, I’m creating a load of new folders.

As a part of my organization process, I create a new folder for each week of class in a term. This can be an incredibly tedious process, so I decided to look to see if Google scripts could help me out a bit — and I found one that did!

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