Google Script to create lots of folders

I use Google apps for SO MANY different things when running my course. I collect info, I plan my weekly lectures, assignments and activities.

At this time of year, when I’m preparing for the start of a new term, I’m creating a load of new folders.

As a part of my organization process, I create a new folder for each week of class in a term. This can be an incredibly tedious process, so I decided to look to see if Google scripts could help me out a bit — and I found one that did!

The script…

I came across a blog, by Baz Roberts, that offers a number of tutorials and tips for using GSuite – many of which appear to be geared toward use in a class!

I used his Multiple FOLDER maker to create my weekly folders.

Multiple FOLDER maker

It’s really easy to set up

You don’t actually need to know much about Google scripts in order to implement this one. Just follow the instructions outlined to attach it to your Google sheet, point to the folder that will contain the newly created sub-folders, save and run!

List of weekly folder titles, ready to go!
List of weekly folder titles, ready to go!

So reusable!

Now that I’ve set up the spreadsheet with this year’s term, and the names of the weekly class folders, it will be very easy to do it again next year.

I’ll just need to update the term, the location of the folder in which the new subfolders will be created, and make any necessary changes.