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Embed an audio file from Google Drive in a WordPress blog post

Did you know?

You can embed media files from Google Drive into your WordPress blog posts or pages.

When you upload certain media files to Google Drive, it encodes them in such a way that they can be played back right in the browser – sort of like Youtube (which is also owned by Google). Like with Youtube, you can get the embed code that will allow you to embed this media on other websites. It’s a bit obscured – you have to know where to look in order to find the embed code.

That’s what this post is for! Enjoy!

(Audio sample v01d – “Of the Willing”)

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Adding Facebook widgets to WordPress (2018 edition)

Question from a blogger:

How do I embed a Facebook widget on my blog?


We seem to be more limited in what we can embed without adding a special plugin to WordPress. There are two main ways that content can be embedded from Youtube, and unfortunately only one of them can be used on

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Privacy in Blogdom

Privacy is a big topic on campus these days. I think the biggest issue is that we don’t know what we don’t know… and maybe we didn’t know to ask.

Currently having a brainsplotion around the “reality” of privacy on this very blog system. I realize that I don’t know everything I need to know, to fully understand how our information is protected (or isn’t).

I thought we were covering our bases with the privacy settings plugin applied to the blog site.  The users could choose from a number of options, of which these three are most widely used: making the blog visible to everyone (including search engines); block search engines, but allow normal visitors; and registered subscribers. There are pros and cons to all of the settings, but it felt like we had offered the public everything they may need to protect themselves.

Is this, in fact, true?

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