DMP loves Podcasting…

DMP & Podcasting @ the Ryerson 2007 Faculty Conference

Faculty Conference ImageThis coming Monday, May 14th, podcasting will be one of the featured stations in the DMP Tech Playroom at the Ryerson Faculty Conference. The "playroom" will feature a number of stations where DMP staff will demonstrate some of the technologies they support, including: Webcasting, Web-conferencing using Breeze, Blogging & Podcasting, Blackboard & Turnitin, and Inking.

  • Session 1: 10:15am – 11:45am, Atrium – Engineering Building
  • Session 2: 1:45pm – 3:15pm, Atrium – Engineering Building

See you on Monday!

In preparation for my session on Blogging & Podcasting, I started a quick little podcast where I will be posting wee videos from the conference. These will likely have no content value, but will be used to demonstrate how easy the technology can be*.

* This is, of course, assuming that you’re making the most basic podcast and want no special features. Making a good podcast, of course, takes much time and effort. The purpose here is to demystify some of the technology and show that it is usable, and can even be fun!


Podcasting about Rolling, and also Podcasting

Thumbnail from 'How to Use Roller' blogAnother blog/podcast has been rolled out recently – this time, one with some content! The How to Use Roller blog has been revamped, retooled and best of all – repodded. OK, so I made up that last word. This new blog features tutorials on how to use Ryerson’s Roller blog system – including how to use it for podcasting!

There are currently three starter tutorials up there right now, with more in the works.