A Podcast Using Roller

I didn’t actually have any podcasts linked here, which may have been confusing, so I decided to add some in.

Earlier in this blog, I posted about using blog software for podcasting/mediacasting (specifically THIS blog software, Roller) to podcast, I have attached a media file to this post. It won’t be obvious, unfortunately, so I’ll list the link here.

To subscribe to the podcasts in my blog, simply add this URI to your podcatching software (in iTunes, go to ‘Advanced’, then ‘Subscribe to Podcast’):

In most blogs, you will find the appropriate feed URI by clicking a button that says ‘RSS’, ‘XML’, or sometimes you will even find buttons specific to podcasting.


Note: In an ideal world, the software would add a nice link or icon or something when you’ve added a ‘mediacast’ link. (They use the term ‘mediacast’ instead of ‘podcast’ — many people don’t like the term ‘podcast, since it is iPod-centric & is misleading).