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Testing Podcasting

I’ve been using this blog software (Roller) to try podcasting.

I’ve tried about a million ways of podcasting and this seems to be the *easiest* (not necessarily the most flexible, but easiest way to get your media out there).

– combines two types of net-media: podcasting and blogging. this can be beneficial for faculty who are interested in adding these kinds of things to their courses, but don’t want to deal with two completely separate systems.
– no need to learn about XML! XML is a special code that is required for a podcast – it gives all of the information needed to tell your “Podcatcher” software (like iTunes) where to find the files & episode information, etc. some software will generate this code for you, but there is no standard ‘fantastic’ software to get — and the good ones cost money. blogging can be free… you just need to pick a blog that gives a link to a ‘FEED’… look for terms like RSS 2.0 feed, or XML feed (if seeking blog software for yourself — blogs like Roller and Word Press do give the right feed links, Roller being my fav of the two)

– doesn’t include the iTunes specific tags (i suppose you could try to type them in yourself, but do you really want to bother?). this isn’t likely a big deal, unless people want to add their podcasts to the iTunes podcast directory. Not having this DOES NOT prevent your podcasts from being subscribed to or played in iTunes.